San Francisco, CA

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Feb. 2013 - Present Senior Concept Artist - WB Games San Francisco

  • Hired as Concept Artist from 2013, promoted to Sr. Concept Artist in 2018

  • DC Legends, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

  • Produced concepts and illustrations under Art Director(s), designers, producers. Heavily collaborated with multiple art team disciplines ranging from character artists, environment artists, UI, VFX and animators.

  • Designed Characters, Environments, Props and Mood Illustrations for DC Legends & Harry Potter: Wizards Unite working in sync with the various disciplines in the art department.

  • In general:

    • Characters, Environment, Prop and Illustrations for various aspects of the game based on a worldwide established IP - staying true to the spirit and style of the IP and world as well as designing new concepts for the project. Concepted orthographic sheets, photo and texture call outs and any necessary assistance and feedback for various other disciplines such as Character Artists (3d), Environment artists, VFX, UI, etc.

    • Created artwork for pitch material from the earliest iteration and pre-production of the projects, as well as artwork to pitch features and visual styles while in full production throughout the development cycle of the game.

    • Developed, researched and explored an art style for a key feature which included researching and referencing old masters art to establish a style and look to illustrations that would be used in game. This work also included establishing best practices to produce the artwork needed as well as a system and pipeline for getting the illustration assets ready for in game implementation. Assisted in getting the rest of the concept team in sync to work on these illustrations for a cohesive style and process via feedback and generally overseeing the work produced.

  • Illustrations for in game assets as well as pitches, marketing art and various PR needs

  • Basic Unity setting up lighting in a scene, arranging and illustrating based off 3d models and scenes.

  • Providing feedback via paintovers or input where needed, anywhere from visual designs throughout the process as well as assisting leads and directors with support for various style guides, pitches etc. Mentored other artists.

May 2012 - Present Freelance Illustrator / Concept Artist

  • Freelance work for various clients ranging from concept work to illustration and commissions. Clients include: Vault Comics, Z2 Comics, Zynga, Kabam, Fantasy Flight Games - DeNA games, Massive Black

  • Participation in various Gallery shows including Sketchpad Gallery, Spoke Art SF, Safehouse, etc.

Sept. 2014 - Dec. 2014 Part Time Instructor - Academy of Art University

  • Part time teacher, authored and taught a concept art class for 300-level Undergraduate students as well as Master’s Degree pursuant students.

  • Prepared a syllabus, class discussions and lessons for a semester long course on Environment Design. This included lecturing, doing live demos as well as give feedback and run a concept project for the students.

Oct. 2013 - Dec. 2013 Concept Artist (Contract) - Zynga

  • Worked with producers and designers to create a pitch for an unannounced title. Work included concept for characters, storyboard pitches, exploration of map elements, environments and keyframe illustrations.

Aug. 2010 - Jul. 2013 Jr. Concept Artist - Kabam

  • Started as Intern promoted to Jr. Concept Artist. Worked on multiple projects such as Glory of Rome, The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age, Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus, and multiple other projects that were either shelved, unannounced or cancelled.

  • As an intern assisted the concept team and leads in cleaning up PSDs and processing files and assets to be in-game ready.

  • Assisted in the production art pipeline and eventually establishing naming conventions and processes to allow for a smoother process from concept to game.

  • As a JR. Concept Artist provided concepts and designs for various game projects and pitches. Painted and drew characters, environment, prop, illustrations and illustrated UI work for various game projects to be used in game.


Nov. 2008 - Mar. 2011 Safehouse Atelier

  • Studied under the instruction of Carl Dobsky and Massive Black.

  • Fine Art - traditional methods ranging from Cast Drawing, Cast Painting, Figure Drawing, Figure Painting, Gesture Drawing, Landscape Painting, Portrait Painting, Still Life, traditional perspective and anatomy work.

  • Extensively used traditional media such as Oil Paint and drawing in Graphite.

  • Participated in Concept Art Classes run by various members of Massive Black as well as devoted time once a week to intern and assist around the studio. Concept classes included group projects treated with a pipeline much like working in a professional setting. Gathering reference, producing thumbnails based on a brief, color passes, sketches all the way through a final with feedback and direction throughout the process.


  • Concept Art and Design

  • Illustration (for both concept and other various uses such as Print)

  • Character, Environment and Prop designs

  • Traditional Media such as Oil Paint, Gouache, Graphite, Ink, Watercolor, Marker sketches etc.

  • Traditional Painting

  • Photoshop

  • Basic 3d in Unity, Sketchup, currently learning some Blender

  • Storyboards

  • Sketchbooks